Introduction of Hungaro-Food Co. Ltd.



  The Hungaro-Food 2009 Co. Ltd. was established by a Hungarian private person in January 2009 with the aim of achieving a greenfield complex food industry investment without primary processing in the conventional sense.

The aim of the investment project was to produce high-quality Hungarian food from high-quality, originally processed animal and vegetable raw materials produced in the region with the company's state-of-the-art technical conditionalities and high added value, which is sold through the owner's traditional domestic and foreign relations system.

The construction started in Békésszentandrás in August 2011 with the completion of the construction work by local contractors. The technical delivery took place in December 2012, and the trial run started in February 2013, with about 20 employees.

The budget for the first phase was HUF 1,250 million, which created 50 new jobs within half a year. The second phase was completed by the middle of 2014. Its budget was HUF 800 million, which primarily meant the expansion of dry goods capacity. TZhe increased capacity made it possible to produce 4-5 thousand tons of high quality meat products per year. By the end of 2014, the third phase was completed, the main goal of which was the further expansion of the dry goods plant. A separate unit was constructed, which was equipped with its own mechanical and technological equipment.

Thanks to the new facilities and technical conditions, the plant is capable of producing 600 tonnes per month. The current number of our employees is 70. They work in two shifts with 8-hour working time on workdays.

The capacity and hygiene of the plant increased to a level that could flexibly adapt to the current market challenges. Today we are producing more and more high quality self-branded products, having no qualitative and quantitative problems in domestic and export deliveries. Our products are more and more recognized and acknowledged, and our presence is growing in the markets.

 The management is determined. 

Our company operates such a greenfield investment that can rightly represent the Hungarian meat industry in any part of the international market with the quality of its products, packaging and trade policy, as well as keeps its employees and the clean business opportunities.