We have become the proud owners of Hungarian Quality Product Award Certification Diploma

Dear prospective and present customers and partners!


We are pleased to announce that last week our long-lasting and hard-working activities were awarded with the Hungarian Quality Product Award in the House of Parliament. The product award was won by our product family of Half-Dry and Dry Sausages. Thank you for your trust in our products!


Mr. Zsolt V.Németh has visited our plant


The current capacity of Hungaro-Food 2009 Kft, founded four years ago, is the production of 3500 tons of pork, beef and poultry products per year.


Zsolt V. Németh, under-secretary visited some nearby food factories

Zsolt V. Németh, under-secretary of Ministry of Rural Development visited three food processing factories on Tuesday. His host was Béla Dankó, a member of parliament during the day. They started the visit at Hungaro-Food Kft. where János Gyekiczki welcomed the guests. In the course of press conference held after the visit of the factory Zsolt V. Németh said that after the change of the cabinet, their goal was to accelerate the development of the countryside. This would be further accelerated by the introduction of a single application scheme for the applications starting from 2014. They have great hopes for the food industry and the livestock breeding that supplies the raw material. They would like the pig stock to grow from 3 to 6 million, said the Secretary of State, which would create jobs as well. János Gyekiczki was pleased with this intention because, as he said, they would not be able to make any investments without the subsidies they get through the applications. Béla Dankó stated that farming in Békés County is of particular importance, as this is a source of livelihood for many people. “During the visits in the three factories you will see excellent examples of how we can produce world-class products based on Hungarian intellectual capital" said Dankó Béla. Zsolt V. Németh visited the Gallicoop Share Company and the Szarvasi Mozarella Company where he also watched the plants under the direction of the company executives.

Source,    further pictures: http://www.newjsag.hu/2014/03/12/kornyekbeli-elelmiszeruzemeket-latogatott-meg-v-nemeth-zsolt-allamtitkar/

New investment in our centre in Békésszentandrás


A new meat processing factory was established in Békésszentandrás by the Hungaro-Food 2009 Kft. family business. The plant constructed by use of over one billion forints was inaugurated on Wednesday. In the course of the inauguration Sándor Fazekas, Minister of Rural Development, emphasized: With good management and quality work, there will be a renewal in the Hungarian meat industry, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, and in case if the products meet the very strict quality standards and consumer demands. The meat processing plant in Békésszentandrás reflects the desire of the country to live and the creativity of the Hungarian entrepreneurs. At the same time it proves that it is worth investing in smaller villages as the raw material is found locally and there is a sufficient number of skilled workers - the minister stressed.